Saturday, April 25, 2015

How to get rid of mice

I have recently suffered from an invasion of mice in the house, not good as they're one thing I simply cannot bear, I've detested them since I was a kid. I first heard a lot of clawing at the back of the skirting boards in the last few weeks, and then approximately a week ago encountered the very first mouse, it wasn't a very pleasant experience

I'd really hoped that my cat might have got rid of them but it's been useless, far too well fed already I reckon, so I've had to work out how to get rid of the rodents on my own.

I could not put any type of poison down because of the pets that I have, therefore, I've needed to consider other plans.

Firstly I tried putting down a few of the average kind of mouse traps and baited them with dark chocolate which I have heard they really like. But had no luck at all with this particular method the mice were possibly well nourished enough already or perhaps too intelligent to succumb to the temptation.

Next I attempted placing down tacky strips which are intended to catch the rodent when they take a walk on them. And I did indeed manage to trap one. However the mouse was still very much alive and it was not enjoyable to be able to see it straining to get out from the strips when I came down in the following morning. And because there was no way to extract it from the tacky paper it needed to be killed and I needed to be the one to do it. Not really the most pleasurable job I had to do recently and certainly not something I really want to do in the long-run.

I figured out that there had to be a more effective way to be able to get shot of the mice so I carried out a lot of research on the internet and read about the new kind of electric traps.

Theses traps are a plastic tube, which you put bait into. The moment the mouse (or rat, they are pretty big traps) arrives at a particular area inside the crawl space an electrical switch is triggered that gives the rodent an electrical shock and kills it instantaneously.

I set the electronic trap a few days ago and happy to say that I have caught two mice in it. The bit I love best is that there just isn't any awful mess to clear up which you get as a result of using some of the snap snares and don't have to kill the rodent as you do utilizing the sticky sections. One simply tips the dead rodent into a plastic bag, or something similar, to dispose of it. It's also lots more humane method to get rid of the vermin as it has no idea of what is happening.

The only catch with the device was that it cost a good deal more than the regular traps or strips, but for myself it was worth it. And everything's gone quiet in the house now so i hope I've dealt with them.

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